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Mentorship Program
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CI-SHRM 2019-2020 Mentorship Program! 


This program is designed for CISHRM members with professional Human Resources experience to gain experience and insight into a new HR area of interest. The Program offers a structured setting to develop beneficial one-on-one relationships. Acting as a teacher, friend and guide to the real world, mentors have the opportunity to encourage and advise individuals by sharing their own experiences and knowledge in the Human Resources profession. Individuals participating in the program will have the opportunity to build their professional network, expand HR competencies, plan for a career transition, and increase HR knowledge in a mentor/mentee relationship. 


There is no cost of this program for CISHRM members. 


To have a successful mentoring relationship, a six month time commitment is required. Mentees and mentors will be expected to meet once a month for six total sessions. Each relationship is unique so time and energy commitments per session will vary. After the mentoring pairs are matched by the Committee, the first step is to develop a Mentoring Agreement that is reasonable for both parties and includes: predetermined dates and times of monthly sessions, length of monthly sessions, means of communication between sessions, professional appearance expectations, goal setting, and establishing development activities.

Talking points will be distributed to the mentor and mentee at the beginning of the program. Each month, there will be a different topic of discussion in addition to the goals set by the pair. 

Mentors and mentees will also be responsible for: 
  • Completing a monthly survey to alert the Committee if the relationship is not working. 
  • Providing a testimonial at the conclusion of the program.

Participants will also be invited and highly encouraged to attend a Networking Event at the conclusion of the program.

Click here, to view complete Mentor Expectations.
Click here, to view complete Mentee Expectations.

You must be an active member with the CISHRM Chapter of SHRM. 

The 2019/2020 program is in session
Please contact emergingprofessionals@cishrm.comto let us know if your future interest or get involved
in other CI-SHRM opportunities.


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please contact Megan Wonsmos at or 515-309-3533 x2014. or 515-309-3533 x2014.